How to donate

Your contribution to the construction of the station of the amateur radio
club Radioklub Ptuj at Gomila at Mestni vrh can be made in different ways.

You can donate:

Via Paypal:

By clicking on the Paypal button below, you can donate your funds:

Donation on bank account

Donations in EUR can be transferred to the bank account of the
amateur radio club:

Bank account name: Radioklub Ptuj
Bank name: Delavska hranilnica d.d.
Bank account address: Ulica heroja Lacka 12, 2250 Ptuj
IBAN Number: SI56 6100 0000 2477 145

We kindly ask you to write into the reference field following information:
Donation to the club and write your name and surname, callsign or company name
For other forms of donations or questions please do not hesitate to

Aleksander Špindler, S57K

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